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About Me

Rikki Zucker is a highly skilled and professional makeup artist and licensed Hairstylist working in and around Toronto for the last 10+ years.  
Starting as a painter and sculptor it was a natural progression for Rikki to become a makeup artist/hairstylist, making the face and body her new canvas.  
Rikki works in all mediums in the makeup/hair industries including: fashion, beauty, photography, film, TV, advertising, theatre, runway, headshots, commercials, bridal and more.
She has been the key makeup artist and hairstylist for countless independent films and an assistant hairstylist for many more.   Her work has also been published in a number of magazines.  She has also done countless brides and their bridal parties.
Whether Rikki is working on a celebrity or a bride, she will bring out the best features in a person with a light touch and attentions to detail, while catering to that person’s current style and comfort level.

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