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Setlife Essentials

A list of products that I love, and have made my set life so much easier!

*I have used/am still using all of the products listed, some links are affiliate links


Spray Mist Water Bottle


Mini Plastic Jars Great for products to put in set bags when you just need a little for the day for finals

Empty Twist Pens (Good for Glue or Liquids)

30ml Spray Bottle


IPAD Carry Case

Walkie Ear Buds  More comfortable, somewhat, then the one it comes with. None of them are that great

Portable Power Bar 


Ear Saver Mask Extenders   Makes wearing a mask for 12+ hours somewhat more bearable on your ears

Brush and Comb Cleaner Brush Great for getting all the hair out before you sanitize them

Barbicide Soaking Jar

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