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Ode to a callsheet

Imagine is your first day ever on set, you arrive looking like a deer in headlights, no idea what to expect, where to go, who is friend who is foe, but you trudge on.

Luckily you find the locations signs that are supposed to lead you to the hair and makeup stations in background are led down the hall to the right, then to the left, then up 3 flights of stairs (cause when is there ever elevators in bg holding, but I digress) You finally get all your stuff up the stairs, you're sweating and its still only 0500 but you find a free station, set up your whole kit and then you wait....Hoping someone will come by and let you know what you are supposed to be doing now. 

After what seems like forever but in reality is probably only about 5 minutes a harried looking person, whips by you, they say their name is bob, or john or something it was too hard to hear as they ran by you, but wait WHAT did they leave on your station, what is this magical piece of paper?

THIS my friend is a call sheet, this is your bible for the day. This piece of paper will answer all the questions you have, and then some!

Want to know where set is? Check the callsheet

Want to know how many background performers need to be processed? Check the callsheet

Want to know where basecamp is so you can check in with your team? Check the callsheet

Want to know who is in the show?

What crew works on this show?

Who is directing this show?

and the most commonly asked question....

When and where is lunch? Check the callsheet!

So the moral of the story is learn to read the callsheet, it is your friend! and your friendly neighbourhood AD team will love you if you do learn to read the callsheet so you aren't the tenth person this morning to ask them when lunch is and its only 0700 

Don't know how to read a callsheet? Check the video below for a quick little tutorial

Comment below if your first day on set was like this

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